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United Electric Supply was founded by Norman Gronna in 1975 and was family-owned and operated for over 36 years, priding itself on customer service and support. In 2011 Main Electric Supply, Inc. acquired United Electric Supply, continuing its legacy and passion for the electrical industry. Now United Electric Supply consists of two branch offices and has expanded its growth and service throughout most of California. Main Electric Supply, Inc began its history in 1946 when Charles Vowels and Burt McCombs set out to meet the electrical industry’s growing demands and founded Main Electric Supply. Since the beginning, United Electric has maintained faithful relationships with electricians and builders who have grown accustomed to United’s service, supply, and reliability. We will continue to grow, embrace technology, and provide comprehensive solutions to industry challenges. Together we can build a bright and sustainable future.

Join us in building our tomorrow while setting the bar high.

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